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The process of application for Haj-2016 through Haj Committee of India (HCOI) shall commence on 14.01.2016. Booklets containing Guidelines and Haj Application Forms (HAF) shall be available free of cost from State / Union Territory Haj Committees (SHCs) or can be downloaded from hajcommittee.gov.in Applicants must read the Guidelines carefully before filling up and submitting their HAFs. The filled up HAFs shall be accepted in the office of respective SHCs from 14th January, 2016 till 8th February, 2016, during working hours. The applicants must have a machine readable valid Indian International Passport issued on or before 08.02.2016 and valid at least up to 10.03.2017.

The HAFs can be submitted online at hajcommittee.gov.in


What is Haj Committee of India?

Haj Committee is a body constituted under the Act of Parliament No.35 of 2002.

What is C.G.I., Jeddah (Consulate General of India – Jeddah)?

The Consulate General of India is a foreign office stationed in Jeddah City of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, functioning under the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.

What is State Haj Committee?

State Haj Committees are constituted by the respective State Governments.

What is the relationship between State Haj Committees with Haj Committee of India?

All State Haj Committees have administrative relationship report to the Central Haj Committee, Mumbai.

What is the role of Haj Committee of India in India?

Haj Committee of India is empowered by the Government of India to make arrangements for Indian Pilgrims only in India, under the present Norms. These arrangements include announcement for Haj, floating Haj Applications with the help of State Haj Committees, arrangement of bank for procurement of foreign exchange, arrangement of accommodation for the Pilgrims in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the help of Consulate General of India, Jeddah, finalization of air journey i.e. arrangement of flight tickets (to & fro journey) for the Pilgrims traveling from various Embarkation Points(with the help of M/o Civil Aviation).  Formation & implementation of various Policies for the benefit of Haj Pilgrims, Orientation / Training of Haj Pilgrims with the help of State Haj Committees.

What is the role of Haj Committee of India in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

The role of Haj Committee of India in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is to monitor the facilities made available to the Pilgrims; in case of shortcomings bring it to the notice of the concerned agencies and to get the same redressed.  Thus, the role of Haj Committee of India is limited to advisory level in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What is the role of State/Union Territory Haj Committees?

The role of State/UT Haj Committee begins from the  initial stage of making Haj Application Forms available to intending Pilgrims of their respective States,  receiving Haj Applications, scrutinizingthese Haj Application Forms, preparation of Data, forwarding of Haj Applications, remittances & Data of Pilgrims in the prescribed format to Haj Committee of India, Orientation & Training of Pilgrims and implementing various directives issued by the Haj Committee of India for the Haj Pilgrims.

What is the role C.G.I., Jeddah (Consulate General of India – Jeddah) with regard to Haj Pilagimage?

The responsibility to look after all Indian Haj Pilgrims upon reaching Jeddah / MadinahMunawwarah Airport is that of the Consulate General of India – Jeddah. Besides this, it also maintains liaison with the Haj Committee of India, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, State Haj Committees, especially those handling Embarkation Points, MaktabulWukula Al-Muwaheed, Jeddah and other allied agencies involved in the Haj pilgrimage.

What is Haj Announcement?

Haj Committee of India publishes Announcement of various policies, decisions taken by the Government for Haj and the guidelines formulated by Haj Committee of India in the light of the above policies and thereby floats Applications for Haj through selected Newspapers and electronic media. This is termed as Haj Announcement.

What is Haj Application Form? How do you fill the Haj Application?

Haj Application Form is a set of detailed information required to be filled in by the intending Pilgrim for primary registration for Haj Pilgrimage for the particular year in the light of Haj Guidelines formulated for the purpose.

What is Haj Guidelines?

Haj Guidelines is available in the shape of a small booklet, which contains a set of detailed information about various aspects of Haj, dos’&donts’ for the intending Pilgrims besides information about how to fill the Haj Application for the Haj Pilgrimage. It is Imperative on the part of each applicant to thoroughly go through Haj Guidelines before filling-up the Haj Application Form.

What is Registration / Cover No.?

Cover No. consists of the following parts :-
1) State Code (for example)  : DL for Delhi
2. ‘F’ for general / ‘R’ for reserved category
3) Serial Order of Registration (for example)  : 1079
4) No. of applicants in the Cover (for example)  :   3
5) No. of Infants  (for example)  : 1
The sum of the above would appear as
COVER NO.  DLF-1079-3-1/ DLR-1079-3-1.

How many persons can apply in one cover?

Not more than FIVE Adult Pilgrims (plus) two Infants are allowed to apply in one cover.

Can intending Pilgrims having no close relationship with each other apply in one

Persons having close relationship only can apply in one cover.

Can a cover be split?

No, Cover once generated through computer will not be split in any case.

Can a person apply from more than one State / U.T. or apply more than once from same State / U.T. What will happen if somebody does so?

No, all such applications shall be summarily rejected and will not be considered in any state/UT. The entire amount deposited by them shall be forfeited

Is it compulsory to attach a photocopy of the International Passport while submitting the Haj Application? Yes.
What are the number and size of the photographs to be submitted alongwith the International Passport?

Latest passport size (3.5 cms. X 3.5 cms) colour photographs of front pose having white background needs to be submitted alongwith International Passport.

What is Haj Committee Quota?

Quota is number of seats made available by the  Government of India to the Haj Committee of India

What is State Quota?

State Quota is the total number of Haj Seats allotted to each state in proportion to the Muslim Population of that State as per census.

What is Reserved Quota?

The Haj seats kept reserved to accommodate certain categories of pilgrims are called Reserved Quota.

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